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All natural nutrition energy bar co, Happy Bars celebrates the sale of ‘one millionth bar’

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Happy Bar, the natural nutrition energy bar is celebrating the sale of ‘One Million Bars’ in the market. The flagship product of FITSPORT Nutrition Food, with no sugar or preservative, is turning out to be the next big thing for the consumers who give preference to health and nutrition despite their busy schedules.

Happy Bar was launched a year-and-a-half ago by a bunch of health and food enthusiasts who strive towards good health and great taste. The brand has a predominant presence in South India in the cities of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. It has recently expanded to Pune and Mumbai as well.

Happy Bar is available online and is targeting a pan India expansion plan in the coming three months. In an exclusive interaction with Progressive Grocer, Venu T, Founder & CEO and Kamini Jha, Head of Alliances, Happy Bars talk about the popularity, success, key achievements, and future plans of the brand…

Excerpts from the interview…

How did you come up with the idea of energy bars?

The idea of ‘Happy Bar’ came from personal experience. In India, supermarkets are filled to the brim with preservative-laden products and we have seen kids and adults struggling to find a tasty as well as healthy product. To fulfill this demand, we came out with a product which people can trust and enjoy without feeling guilty or scared.

You’ve just reached a milestone – selling one million bars. When you set up, what was the target that you had in mind?

There was never really a number in mind. All we wanted was to bring a change in this particular category on the parameters of taste and nutrition. We are glad that we are achieving this mission of ours. One million sale is a good milestone for just a one year old company. We are looking to many more.

What comes next? How do you see this category growing in the coming months?

We have realized that we are serving a large group of audience. To cater to the new demands of our target audience, we are coming up with Vegan and Protein bars as well. We are also introducing ‘Happy Madam’ masala almonds for consumers who love savoury snacks.

How important is packaging for a product like yours?

Packaging is a very significant point for any product. It also attracts the audience in large numbers. The current shelf life of Happy Bar is 3 months, and we are in the process to improving our packaging to take this up to 6 months very soon, without compromising on the taste or ethics of the product.

There has been a huge surge in demand for immunity booster foods during the pandemic. How did you meet this demand?

We witnessed 150 X surge in our sale during the pandemic period. To meet the demands, we hired more people and also delegated other staff in large numbers. Due to the pandemic, consumers have realized the importance of health and nutrition based food. Being a natural immunity booster product company, we made ourselves available on all the possible platforms and launched our yearly program so that the people can subscribe and get the products delivered every month.

Do you have a loyalty program?

We do have a loyalty program called Happy Champs. Customers can share the referral link with their family and friends and can earn discounts and cash backs based on their purchase and referrals.

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