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The Future of e-retailing in India

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The advent of e-commerce has transformed the way business is done in India. In India, the e-commerce industry is predicted to be more advanced by 2026, all thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.  COVID-19 and its subsequent lockdowns have transformed consumer buying patterns in India, with the bulk of consumers shifting to online platforms even for their essentials and daily needs so that they can adhere to the stay at home guidelines.

Along with this growing online community, another aspect that has been contributing to the expansion of those sectors is the unorganised nature of the household essentials market. It has opened new avenues for e-retail/ e-tail/ e-commerce companies who not only understand the buyer psyche well but are ready to curate quality products and services that are synced with the necessities of today’s new-age consumers and produce them into the fold of the modern sector. As companies still innovate and onboard countless shoppers, it’s interesting to explore the key trends that may see prominence during this sector in 2021:

Enhanced by Augmented Reality 
The fact of online shopping is going to be enhanced by Augmented Reality: When it involves online shopping augmented reality (AR) will become a significant game-changer because it will significantly close the gap of ambiguity. It’ll help the purchasers visualise and judge the product that they need to shop for. Before pressing the ‘Buy Now’ button they’ll be able to decide whether the furniture that they’re buying would look good in their home or not. This may bring comparison for the consumers to a full new level and thus help them to beat the hurdle of not having the ability to ascertain the merchandise firsthand.

Using Voice Search 
Recently right from checking the weather to setting an alarm to purchasing products online people consider voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Therefore, one thing that may that we’ll all see within the future is that individuals will order groceries with an easy voice command because it will save tons of your time on browsing especially if it’s a repeated order because one won’t need to enter the brand, the address, the payment, and shipping information again and again.

Subscription Feature to assist Returning Customers
For retailers, subscription plan has a variety of benefits as they create it easier to predict fulfillment needs and that they allow the customer to take care of and retain customers for a greater long-term value. Therefore, more and more companies will offer subscription services or monthly payment options for his or her purchases within the upcoming years to return.

Sustainability will Become one in all the most Focus within the Coming Years
One topic that’s getting plenty of traction and hopefully isn’t a passing trend is that now more and more people are getting conscious of their role that their purchasing decisions have on the earth’s limited resources. Therefore, now the brands need to find ways to weave into their product their marketing and fulfillment strategies. Overall, in 2021, the industry also expects an increase in export revenues and an increase in the collection by the exchequer. We are on a powerful growth trajectory, however, there are still a few challenges that the e-retailers in India face.

Although the per capita purchasing power is low in India, it’s still one among the foremost attractive emerging markets and this is often one industry that’s capable of doing tons. After all, we don’t grow when things are easy, we grow once we face challenges.

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