Tata Group’s Qmin food delivery platform targets 25 cities

Tata group hospitality firm Indian Hotels Company Ltd (IHCL) is planning to expand the reach of its food delivery platform, Qmin to 25 cities over the next two years.

Qmin has also introduced the Qmin Food Truck service to offer on-the-go meals in Mumbai and plans to take the format to metro cities across India, including Bengaluru and Delhi, followed by tier II cities.

The Qmin Food Truck menu ranges from comfort foods such as rolls and sandwiches to gourmet burgers and nachos, and popular items such as keema pao, gosht biryani, walnut brownies and gulab jamuns.

“Since its launch in 2020, Qmin has been revolutionising the culinary space with its distinctive branded offerings across multiple market segments and price points. The brand has seen consistent growth and expansion and is now available across 16 cities, delivering favourites from over 65 IHCL restaurants,” Qmin Commercial Director Jehangir Press said in a statement.

The Qmin Food Truck will address the need for quick and easy meals for those on the go, Press added.

IHCL said its ‘youngest brand Qmin’ is now a full- fledged vertical, addressing multiple segments of the market.

“It is slated to be in 25 cities in total, with 6-8 trucks rolling out over the next two years. Starting with its launch in Mumbai, the food truck will soon be available in other metro cities in India including Bengaluru and Delhi, followed by tier II cities,” the company added.


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